10Ten MX

Push the limits on machines designed by racers for racers!

Dirt Bike

10Ten 250R

The 10TEN 250R bridges the gap from pit bike to full size motocross bike fitted with a powerful air cooled 250cc engine.

Dirt Bike

10Ten 140R

The 10TEN 140R 17/14 is one of the best stock 140 dirt/pit bikes on the market. It’s 140cc engine gives unrivalled torque and power and we feel it’s one of the very best bikes in it’s sector.

Dirt Bike

10Ten 125R

The 10TEN 125R 17/14 is undoubtedly one of the best stock 125 pit bikes on the market. The oil-cooled 125 engine gives unbeatable power and torque in its capacity range.

Junior Supermoto Bike

10Ten 90R

The 10TEN 90R Supermoto has been designed for the bambino supermoto championships, the 90R will perform as required and is a must have for and budding enthusiast

Where To Buy

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