Dirt bike clothing and kit guide

by 10Ten MX Team
23rd January 2021

Ready to ride? Keep safe before you head off-road by making sure you have all the gear you need.



Chaos Adult Helmet

The most important piece of protective equipment. It is essential to invest in a well-fitting helmet before you head off-road. Get the very best helemet you can afford.



Mips (multi-directional impact protection system) technology, is one of the latest developments to improve helmet protection and something you may want to consider for your helmet.

The core of the MIPS BPS is a low friction layer that allows the head to move 10-15 mm relative to the helmet in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain. The MIPS BPS makes your helmet safer and adds protection.

You can learn more about it here: https://mipsprotection.com/how-mips-works/

And of course, Never buy a second-hand motorcycle helmet.



Chaos Goggles

Motocross goggles are essential when riding off road. If you are racing, we recommend using tear-offs to quickly restore full vision.

Some features we would recommend when purchasing goggles:

Easily Replaceable / Interchangeable Lens

Lenses that are Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistant

Tear-Off Posts

Ample Ventilation Ports



OTG goggles are required for riders that wear prescription glasses, so that prescription eyewear can be comfortably worn underneath.

Replacement Lenses – It’s a good idea to carry replacement lenses in your kit bag in case it gets scratched. You should also consider carrying a shaded lens for when it’s sunny on dry tracks.




Fox Comp R MX Boots Black

After your helmet, boots are the most important piece of equipment. A good pair of boots can be the difference between a continued race and a broken ankle.

Make sure your boots fit comfortably to improve riding ability and prevent injury.



Clothing/Race Kit

There is a huge range of lightweight, durable and athletically cut race gear available to keep you looking the part. We recommend wearing MX race or Enduro kit for off-roading.

Jerseys, as well as looking cool, provide an additional layer. They often have long sleeves to protect from sunburn on hot days. Make sure jerseys don’t fit too loosely so they don’t get caught or pulled when riding.

Pants provide the required range of motion as well as extra grip.

They often have a leather coating on the knees- this protects the knee from rubbing against the dirt bike and also offers protection from the exhaust pipe. MX pants are typically shorter so that boots can easily fit over.



Chaos Motorcycle Gloves

Your hands play an important role when riding, and a good pair of gloves helps prevent abrasions, cuts, bruises and burns along with improving grip.

Padding helps to lessen the vibration you feel in your hands, allowing you to ride longer and with more control.

Including gloves if you are buying racewear can often allow you to get them discounted.



Elbow Guards

A good pair of elbow guards can protect your arms from debris and reduce damage to your arms during a fall or crash.

They are an easily forgotten yet important piece of equipment.



Knee Guards/Knee pads

Leatt X-Frame Knee Guards

Knee injuries are common in any sport, and riding is no exception. The use of knee pads is strongly recommended.

Knee pad sleeves can be worn underneath the guards. They are a good option if you find kneepads uncomfortable as it prevents them rubbing against your knee.



Hand Guards

Handguards are another piece of highly recommended equipment.

They not only protect your wrists and hands from fractures and crushed fingers after a fall, but they also deflect branches and provide protection from cold winds.



Body Armour

Body armour offers protection from severe falls and shields your body from flying debris.

MX body armour ranges from under-jersey style vests that are light weight, to heavy-duty protective armour.

There’s a large amount of body armour available for dirt bike riders, make sure it’s well ventilated and fits well.

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