10Ten MX-E 3L

Electic Bike

Electric Dirt Bike


The MXE-3L is a full size adult bike. It is fitted with 48mm front forks offering 260mm of travel and a fully adjustable rear shock offering 110mm of travel. This bike is perfect for all off road conditions.

Features Spotlight


Front Adjustable Suspension

When the going gets tough, these USD forks with upside down plush oil filled forks provide confidence and assurance. The use of hydraulic fluid increases pressure as the fork moves, lowering the risk of bottoming out.

Spec Large aluminium wheels

Rear Adjustable Suspension

The rear mono-shock absorber works and feels great, improving overall handling and providing a smooth and controlled ride over rough terrain.

Spec Large aluminium wheels

Battery Capacity 72v, 50ah

Armed with a 72v, 50AH lithium battery the 10Ten MX-E is made for the long haul. When gunning for max speed, the MX-E will perform spectacularly achieving a maximum speed of 100km/h. Although it would output such mass power, you still get a impressive range of 100km in optimum conditions.

Spec Large aluminium wheels

Motor power 3kw, peak power 12kw

The MX-E Dirt Bike is powered by the biggest and one of the best motors available in this range. With a huge, grunty 3kw motor and a peak power of 12kw, this bike really pulls.

Spec Large aluminium wheels

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The heat-dissipating vented wavy brake discs make easy work of stopping in various conditions.

Spec Large aluminium wheels

Bike Specs

Motor Type DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous
Controller APT72400
Brake Hydraulic Disc Brakes front and rear
Voltage 72v
Battery Capacity 50a
Motor Power 3kw
Peak Power 12kw
Acceleration Double Adjustable Customized Suspension
1-50km/h2.4 Seconds
1-100km/h4.5 Seconds
Mileage (km) 100km
Maximum Speed(km/h) 100km/h
Charging Time 4 Hours
Final Drive Chain Drive
Tire (Front & Rear) 80/100-21, 110/90-18
Weight(kg) Front Suspension 121kg
Front Suspension Double Adjustable Customized Suspension
Length 900mm x 54-60mm
Lower Tube48mm
Rear Suspension Double Adjustable Customized Suspension
Length 480mm
Max Load(kg) 150kg
Dimensions 2160 x 830 x 1300mm
Wheelbase 1470mm
Seat Height (mm) 940mm
Ground Clearance(mm) 320mm
Frame Material Steel

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