The New 10TEN Electric Kids Dirt Bike – The MX-E

by admin
1st November 2020

10TEN are proud to announce our new all electric kids dirt bike, the fabulous MX-E.

The MXE features a removable lithium battery, meaning you can take it inside to charge or even take a spare battery with you to the track!

Built for beginners to develop their riding skills and experienced young riders with 2 power settings, allowing you to restrict the bike and then increase the power once the rider has improved and gained confidence.


Motor: ZS SDM Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor

Rated Voltage VDC: 48V

Rated Power: 500W

Rated Speed (RPM): 3100RPM

Output Max Power: 1000W

Max Torque: 10N.m

Top Speed: 45km/h

Sprocket: F&R 13T/52T

Chain: 415 CHOHO

Battery: 48V 7.5Ah 360WH

Controller: FOC 17A Top Current Limited

Charger: 48V 2A

Charging Time: 4-6 hours

Display: LCD Battery Capacity Indicator

Frame: 30×20 Oval Flat Tube Welding, Steel

Suspension: F&R 560mm/120mm Hydraulic Suspension

Handlebar: 22.2mm alloy 600 Width

Seat: Vacuum Bubble Cushion, 595mm Height

Dimension L x W x H: 1210 x 600 x 805

Wheelbase: 810mm

Front/Rear Brakes: Disc Brake 160 mm / 160 mm

Front/Rear Rims: 1.40 x 10’ / 1.40 x 10’ Aluminum

Front/Rear Tires: 2.50 x 10’/2.50 x 10’

Net Weight: 32KGS


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