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by 10Ten MX Team
14th November 2019
10Ten125R photo

Whether you’ve got track time on the clock or looking to purchase your aspiring champions very first Supermoto or Dirt Bike, the 10TEN Range has something for every rider. With a variety of Dirt Bikes and Supermotos to choose from, you might be wondering which bike would suit you or your little rider best.

That’s why we have put together this buyers guide, to help narrow it down!

Please note that suitability is dependant on riders age, confidence and ability.

10Ten 90R Supermoto photo

10TEN Bikes For Novice Riders

For those first-time riders, the 50R is the ideal choice.

Equipped with an electric start, rev and go engine, this epic Mini Pit Bike is straightforward and easy to ride from the first touch. The smooth power delivery makes riding the 50R predictable and comfortable; this also allows new riders to grow their confidence as they ride.

If your little champion has already gained some track time and is looking to take their skills to the bambino supermoto champions, the 90R Supermoto is a perfect choice.

The 90R is also available as a pit bike for young riders who are looking to progress with a little more power.

10Ten125R photo

10TEN Bikes For Intermediate Riders

Ideal for riders that have already developed their confidence off-road, the 125R is the perfect tool for some serious off-road fun. Equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox, this off-road beast provides smooth delivery throughout each rev range.

The 125R is also wonderfully diverse, ideal for both younger and older riders; the 125R can be fitted with two different tyre sizes. The larger 17” front and 14” rear wheels are perfect for older riders, whereas the 14” and 12” and more suitable for smaller riders.

10Ten 250R

10TEN Bikes For Advanced Riders

Strap in adrenaline junkies. If you’re looking for a new upgrade that delivers exceptional levels of power and torque, we have some epic bikes just for you.

If you’re in the market for a 140cc Dirt Bike or Supermoto, the 140R is undoubtedly one of the best 140 pit bikes straight off the peg. Delivering unbeatable power and torque in its capacity, the 140R will jump, slide and power through every corner with ease.

Looking for epic levels of power and durability?

Designed to bridge the gap between a pit bike, to a full-sized motocross, the 250R is perfect for anyone looking to quench their thirst for speed. This monster features an extended swingarm which offers riders with exceptional stability at speed, over whoops and ruts.

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